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DEFCON is the world's largest annual hacker convention, held every year in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first DEFCON took place in June 1993. DEF CON is renowned for the "arcane arts" of drinking, socializing, debugging, and crowd control. DEFCON is what you make of it, so get involved and help the community grow. This Feed will keep you up to date with some announcements surrounding pre and post con events, references to DEFCON in the news, and other errata. For the most up to date information visit or subscribe to the rss feeds on the forums (https://forum.defcon.org/) See https://www.defcon.org/ for more details, discussion forums, past speeches, and planning for the next year.
  1. DEF CON China Workshops image

    DEF CON China [beta] is shaping up fast, and we’ve got another exciting content announcement.

    Selections for DEF CON China (beta) workshops are well underway. So well underway, in fact, that we already have three of them selected! They are:

    UAC 0day, all day!
    Ruben Boonen

    Practical Malware Analysis: Hands-On
    Sam Bowne, Devin Duffy-Halseth, and Dylan Smith

    Principals on Leveraging PowerShell for Red Teams
    Carlos Perez

    If you’re interested in a deep dive into these subjects, please visit our workshops page for all the details. You’ll also want to bookmark that page and check back frequently, as we’ll be adding more in the coming days.

  2. DEF CON China packet hacking village image

    May 11 approaches, DEF CON enthusiasts, and we have news! Village selection is underway - we can already confirm the following for DEF CON China [beta].

    Lockpicking Village, hosted and run by the lock wizards of The Open Organization of Lockpickers (TOOOL). You could not be in more capable hands, whether you’re learning the ropes or testing your skills.

    Car Hacking Village. Get your hands on the state of the art in connected auto security.

    RECON Village - For people interested in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and its many applications.

    The very popular Packet Hacking Village, where you can hone your knowledge of network hacking in all its flavors.

    Hardware Hacking Village. Void warranties, break and remake physical tech and smell that sweet solder in the air.

    You can learn about these villages and keep track as new ones are added for DEF CON China [beta] at the Villages page.

    DEF CON China is beginning to assume its final form - join us in Beijing May 11-13!

  3. DEF CON recon village logo image

    Everyone interested in OSINT, Red Teaming and the like can breathe easy - the RECON Village will return for DEF CON 26. For those of you not yet in the know, please enjoy this video of the RECON Village keynote from DEF CON 25 and get excited!

    The DEF CON RECON Village will also be joining us for the first Beta DEF CON in China, and their Call for Papers is open right now, so check it out!

  4. DEF CON China Site image

    DEF CON China [beta], co-hosted by Baidu Security, is happening May 11-13, and we’re moving into high-gear Con mode! In addition to the Call for Papers, we’re also opening up the following Calls:

    Contests and Events. Puzzlemasters, game-makers and party-throwers, bring us your best ideas! We want to share the fun side of DEF CON with the world, and if your proposal is selected, we’ll pitch in to make it a reality.

    Villages. The hands-on mini-con is a perfect introduction to DEF CON, and we’re looking to you to conceive, plan and run the DEF CON Village we’ve never seen but always needed. Assemble your team, create your proposal and join us in Beijing!

    Demo Labs! This is your chance to show off the project you’ve been hacking on, and get attention and feedback from the DEF CON community. Take that open source effort out of the garage and into the spotlight!

    You’re still reading - probably because you’re psyched and looking for where you sign up, right? Maybe a DEF CON China website where you can find all the rules, parameters and relevant info? We’ve got that. Head over to https://www.defcon.org/html/defcon-china/dc-cn-index.html, get spun up and then make us proud!

  5. DEF CON 26 SE Village CFP image

    The Social Engineering Village has issued its official Call For Papers for DEF CON 26! That means it's time for those of you adept in the dark arts of persuasion and wetware exploitation to drop everything and get your potential presentation together. You have until April 1 to leave and impression and win the chance to speak to the best SE audience anywhere.

    Get on it!