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DEFCON is the world's largest annual hacker convention, held every year in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first DEFCON took place in June 1993. DEF CON is renowned for the "arcane arts" of drinking, socializing, debugging, and crowd control. DEFCON is what you make of it, so get involved and help the community grow. This Feed will keep you up to date with some announcements surrounding pre and post con events, references to DEFCON in the news, and other errata. For the most up to date information visit or subscribe to the rss feeds on the forums (https://forum.defcon.org/) See https://www.defcon.org/ for more details, discussion forums, past speeches, and planning for the next year.
  1. DEF CON 25 Vendors image

    Cypherpunks, start your engines! Crypto and Privacy Village is returning for DEF CON 25 and they're looking for speakers. If you've got some good stuff to share with the Crypto community, point yourself over to cfp.cryptovillage.org and get your submit on! We're looking forwards to seeing what you've been working on.

  2. DEF CON DARPA CGC Mayhem image

    The 2016 DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge was kind of a big deal. It was an autonomous, all AI Capture the Flag contest with millions of dollars in prize money. The systems competing were built by teams from all over the country, all of them building the road as they travelled. The teams that made it to the hotly contested final round are all full of straight-up wizards. We're proud of how great the contest turned out, and of all the brilliant humans who made it happen.

    When the smoke cleared, For All Secure's Mayhem was the last bot standing. In addition to the millions in prize dollars, the eternal bragging rights and the very stylish DEF CON Black Badge, Mayhem now has a place in official history at the Smithsonian.

    Writeup Here:

    Recap and tons of info also available here:

  3. DEF CON Jack kit image

    The popular Jack v2 Pirate Electronics Kit has returned to the DEF CON eBay store! Don't miss your chance to get the finest in blinky swag (from the High German 'blinkenschwag'). The last batch sold out almost immediately, so if Jack seems like your jam, get thee to eBay!

  4. DEF CON 25 demo labs open image

    DEF CON Demo Labs are BACK! If you’ve got an open source project (tool or hardware) that you want to get in front of a huge, clued-in and interested audience, you’re gonna want to check out our Demo Labs page. Whether you’re looking for feedback, help or just getting the word out, we can offer you a 2-4 hour dedicated time slot to share at DEF CON 25. And one badge, if your project makes the cut, obvi. Get your info on the DL page and get your proposal in before June 1, and let’s make some demo magic!

  5. DEF CON 25 Plaid CTF Qualifier image

    Friendly DEF CON 25 CTF reminder: The next qualifying event is PlaidCTF, an online jeopardy-style contest that's a mere 10 days away! You can get more infoz at plaidctf.com, but it's time to #getonit. Fortune favors the bold.