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DEFCON is the world's largest annual hacker convention, held every year in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first DEFCON took place in June 1993. DEF CON is renowned for the "arcane arts" of drinking, socializing, debugging, and crowd control. DEFCON is what you make of it, so get involved and help the community grow. This Feed will keep you up to date with some announcements surrounding pre and post con events, references to DEFCON in the news, and other errata. For the most up to date information visit or subscribe to the rss feeds on the forums (https://forum.defcon.org/) See https://www.defcon.org/ for more details, discussion forums, past speeches, and planning for the next year.
  1. DEF CON 27 Theme image

    Preparations are well underway for DEF CON 27. Meetings are being met, plans are being planned, and the theme is ready for its unveiling.

    DEF CON 26 was about the inflection point between disorder and dystopia - the moment before point of no return. This year's theme, in a way, responds to '1983' with new questions. What does it look like when we make the better choice? What kind of world do we hack together in the sunniest timeline? How does our real best-case scenario compare to the future we've been dreaming of for generations?

    So, we offer you 'Technology's Promise'. It's a break from the dystopian imagery into a major-key, blue-sky thoughtscape, full of color and light. It's a future where we have tamed some of the more intractable problems that plague us in the present, where technology supports and inspires instead of controlling and surveilling.

    To get you in the proper mindset, here's some media to sample:

    Star Trek TOS - because the series is based on a future Earth that has learned to manage itself, make working alliances with neighbors and turn its attention to the disciplined exploration of the broader universe. Also LCARS is still cool.

    Asimov's Robot series - a future where humankind has built AI android tech that supports rather than supplants humanity, and (usually) behaves itself admirably.

    BioShock - a genuinely thought-provoking game about the promises and limits of tech-based utopia.

    Kraftwerk, Com Truise, Tangerine Dream - the beautiful sounds of our neon future, rendered in the gorgeously synthesized tones that can only come from the fruitful marriage of human and machine.

    We'll be posting more of this as DC27 approaches. Lots more. This is going to be fun.

    Join us, won't you?

  2. DEF CON 26 Stickers image

    Show your laptop some holiday love with DEF CON 26 stickers - now back in stock at the DEF CON Ebay store!

  3. AI village image

    New DC26 playlist alert! The AI Village talks are up and live on the DEF CON YouTube channel! There’s a couple dozen presentations in there, all worth your time. Get cozy, get educated and get sharing.

  4. IOT village image

    Ready for a little pre-Thanksgiving info-binge? Please enjoy this playlist of fine videos from the Def Con 26 Internet of Things Village. Lots of interesting stuff in here about the rapidly expanding attack surface that is the world of connected devices.

    Watch, share and remember : The 'S' in IoT stands for 'Security'.

  5. Video archive image

    Fire up your webguzzlers of choice, DEF CON fam - all the DEF CON 26 torrents are up and live! Most recently Video & Slides and Village talks, we also have audio, music, caps - it’s an embarrassment of riches. . Get ‘em, seed ‘em and pass ‘em along. #sharingiscaring