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DEFCON is the world's largest annual hacker convention, held every year in Las Vegas, Nevada. The first DEFCON took place in June 1993. DEF CON is renowned for the "arcane arts" of drinking, socializing, debugging, and crowd control. DEFCON is what you make of it, so get involved and help the community grow. This Feed will keep you up to date with some announcements surrounding pre and post con events, references to DEFCON in the news, and other errata. For the most up to date information visit or subscribe to the rss feeds on the forums (https://forum.defcon.org/) See https://www.defcon.org/ for more details, discussion forums, past speeches, and planning for the next year.
  1. DEF CON Speaker Update image

    You know how we know it’s almost DEF CON? The Southwest is having a heat wave, that ancient tweet about the Feds (allegedly) not appreciating the ‘Spot the Fed’ contest is back and the interwebz are buzzing with burner phone chat.

    Also, the speaker list is complete! Get yourself over to the speaker page and learn what wondrous presentations DEF CON 25 has in store for you! We think it’s gonna be a great year, and we want to thank everyone who submitted, both selected and not.

    Extra special shout out to the unsung heroes of the CFP Selection team, who labor mightily to pull together the best possible lineup,  and to provide the kind of feedback that makes everyone better.

    Check out the lineup, plan accordingly, and go ahead and get psyched. DEF CON approaches.

  2. DEF CON 25 workshops image

    DEF CON Workshops are GO! Get yourself over to the DC25 website and see what strikes your fancy!

    Registration opens July 1.

  3. DEF CON 25 badge image

    No DEF CON 25 Mystery Challenge or badge contest.

    Curious Codes, the company that was designing the DEF CON 25 badges,
    notified us they are no longer working on any challenges or badges for DEF

    A combination of design and planning delays combined with a last minute
    unforeseen personal circumstance made their production impossible.

    No special badges or challenge and no mystery challenge

    We've gone with a DEF CON 25 anniversary theme with the badges and have
    worked around the clock to get them designed and ordered. Not to fear, we
    are hackers, it will work out. Everyone will have badges, they just won't
    have crypto, secret embedded robotics, or radioactive compounds. I'll talk
    more about the joy of conference badges in a later post.

    Yes, L0st had planned to do a special DC 25 challenge to break everyone's

    Stay tuned for more info on #badgelife, we are planning a badge meet up for
    all those who enjoy building and collecting conference or contest specific
    badges of all kinds.

  4. DEF CON 25 Crypto & Privacy Village image

    Privacy is important to everyone, both in terms of the abstract legal right to secure our information and the concrete availability of tools and means to keep that data secure. In this age of near-ubiquitous surveillance, it's a good idea to keep your security knowledge sharp.

    To that end, the Crypto and Privacy Village is back with a full roster of presentations, contests and workshops to level up your privacy game. Follow them @cryptovillage, or get the full rundown at cryptovillage.org.

  5. DEF CON 25 Beard and Mustache Competition image

    The DEF CON Beard and Mustache Contest is back - time to break out the various oils, waxes and industrial fertilizers that keep you looking so profoundly beardy. There are prizes to be won! Join us at 'the intersection of facial hair and hacker culture'.

    You can learn the rules and whatnot at the contest website dcbeard.com, and you can follow the contest on the Twitters @dcbeard contest.

    Beardless, but interested in competing? Please know that there is a freestyle category that actively encourages the creation and display of faux, ersatz and/or fictive facial hair arrangements. Fanciful and improbable designs welcome.